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ReitSport Shin & Tendon Cooling Wrap

ReitSport Shin & Tendon Cooling Wrap

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Easy, Dry Cooling--The Perfect Fit!

The perfect size for your pony's front legs! Easy to secure with three sturdy Velcro closures. The patented cooling cells fit easily within the mesh inner pocket, which is secured with a Velcro tab. Utilizes one 12" x 9" sheet of patented Cryopak cooling cells (27 individual 1" x 2.5" cells per sheet).

Replacement sheets are available, and we recommend that you purchase an extra one to keep in the freezer at all times! Made of heavy-duty 420 dernier nylon fabric. Ships with one Cryopak cooling sheet. Extra Cooling Sheets available below.

Black in color.

Reitsport Cooling Products

HorseTech, Inc. firmly believes that the appropriate care and maintenance of a horse’s legs and joints is an absolute requirement for all responsible horse owners.  It is for this reason that HorseTech, Inc. introduces its new Reitsport line of cooling products.

Reitsport cooling products are designed to be used as part of a comprehensive daily care program as well as providing a convenient source of dry cold for injury management.  These innovative products were designed and developed at a highly regarded breeding facility for everyday use around the farm and while competing in events.

The original product was developed for use on one of the farm’s top hunters, which had developed mud fever after showing in sand.  This particular horse had acrylic work done on one front hoof due to an injury sustained as a weanling.  The horse’s acrylic work and mud fever problem made it necessary to find, or develop, a way to deliver dry cooling therapy.   Thus began the development process that eventually led to the introduction of a complete line of Reitsport cooling products.

With subsequent research and the experience that came with the every day use of these products, it became apparent that another useful application of this efficient cooling technology would be used for treating leg injuries or wounds that needed to be kept dry, but could benefit from some form of cold therapy. 

As in the case described above, many situations call for cold therapy when ice or cold water hosing is not a viable option.  Reitsport cooling products utilize a patented cooling cell developed by Cryopak, Inc. that works through heat absorption while delivering soothing cold therapy directly to the point of need.  The Reitsport line of products does not leave the leg feeling wet and cold as would be the case with a direct application of ice or cold water.

The Right Product for Each Application:

As important as it is to provide convenient and efficient cooling, it is certainly as important to be able to deliver the cooling therapy directly to the point of inflammation.  Most competitive products simply do not provide the horse owner with a complete line of products designed and sized for a particular use. It was not uncommon, for instance, to see a wrap best suited for use on the shin being utilized to try to cool a knee or hock.

Reitsport cooling products feature heavy duty Velcro closures and elastic that allows them to be “snugged up” around critical points.  The Velcro straps can even be criss-crossed when further adjustment is required.

The Reitsport line offers four sizes of shin wraps, two sizes of bell boots, plus wraps designed specifically for cooling hocks and knees! 

Freezing & Use

The entire boot or wrap can be frozen, or the cooling cells may be removed and frozen separately.  Prior to the initial use, it is recommended that the cells be frozen for at least 24 hours.  For subsequent uses the cooling cells or the entire boot or wrap may be frozen, as necessary, to the desired temperature.  Some users prefer to freeze the entire boot or wrap so that the fabric is as cold as possible prior to application.

It is suggested that you purchase extra cell packs which can be kept frozen and inserted as needed.  This will reduce the number of boots or wraps required, keeping your costs in check.

Care should be exercised when applying Reitsport cooling wraps to ensure that the tension applied is evenly distributed, thereby avoiding pressure points.  The design of the boots is such that, when properly used, they may be used on either the right or left side..

Cleaning & Storage

Always make sure that your Reitsport boots and wraps are clean and dry prior to storage.  Clean your Reitsport cooling products carefully in warm water with a mild antibacterial soap.  This will extend the useful life of your boots and wraps and will help to reduce bacterial growth.

Safe and Easy to Use

Reitsport cooling products are designed to ensure safe usage for the horses, grooms and riders.  It was also important that these products worked without the use of hoses or other connective devices that are often frightening to young or inexperienced horses.

Using a Reitsport wrap is similar to putting on shipping boots; virtually every horse will stand quietly while they are applied.  Quick, easy and safe! The liquid contained in the Cryopak cooling cells is not harmful to animals.



The Right Fabric and Materials:

Reitsport cooling products are tough and durable.  They’re made from fabric and materials that were selected specifically for the application, allowing for sufficient airflow to allow the Cryopak cooling cells to work efficiently.    The materials used are durable and easy to clean with a mild antibacterial soap.  The fabric will also hold up to repeated freezing--many users prefer to freeze the wrap right along with the cooling cells!

The cooling cells are not conducive to bacterial growth.  Regular cleaning with a mild anti-bacterial soap will help to keep your Reitsport cooling wraps and boots bacteria free.

Patented Cooling Cell Technology

The unique cooling cells utilized in all Reitsport cooling products are manufactured by Cryopak Industries.  This patented cooling technology fits perfectly the criteria for a dry, cold application.  The Cryopak cooling cells are reusable, economical, non-toxic and they cool longer than ice.  Cryopak’s cooling technology is used extensively in food and drug industries where temperature control is critical.  HorseTech, Inc. has successfully adapted this technology to the equestrian market with this line of Reitsport cooling products.

Cryopak Industries has been very supportive of the product development program—several members of Cryopak’s senior management team, including the President, Mr. John Morgan, are involved with horses!

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