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Reitsport Bell Boot

Reitsport Bell Boot

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Easy, Dry Cooling with a Perfect Fit!

The perfect tool for easy cooling of the pastern/hoof area! This is one of the most difficult areas to cool efficiently, and most wraps on the market do a very poor job of conforming to this area.

Small/Medium Size is approximately 5" x 18". The Reitsport Bell Boot is made specifically for the hoof and only for the hoof--it will fit your horse snugly and properly. Easy to use, features heavy duty Velcro closure. Utilizes three (3), 4" x 6" sheets of patented Cryopak cooling cells (6 individual 1" x 2.5" cells per sheet).  Replacement sheets are available, and we recommend that you purchase an extra set to keep in the freezer at all times!

Made of heavy-duty 420 denier nylon fabric. Black in color.

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