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PC Lifter Gag

  • 7695

LIFTER GAG Cheek: 8.75”
A unique curve to the cheek as well as forward set headstall rings and a backset curb chain attachment cause a quick reaction with lift and collection. The mouthpiece is made of ½” sweet iron and has three equal breaks. This allows for tongue relief, while intensifying the pressure on the outside of the bars.

• All cheeks pieces are stainless steel.
• All mouthpieces are sweet iron.
• These bits will rust when exposed to moisture.
• This creates a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth and promotes salivation.
• 30 day warranty & Lifetime Guarantee on all Bits & Spurs.

Snaffle PCB-930 Mouth: 5”
Double Twisted Wire PCB-931 Mouth: 5”
Three-piece Snaffle PCB-93A Mouth: 5.25”
Skinny Snaffle PCB-93B Mouth: 5.25”
Chain with Copper Rollers PCB-93C Mouth: 5.25”

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