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Molly Powell Clinic

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Molly Powell Barrel Racing Clinic

When: August 26th-27th, 2017
Where: Chasing Time Performance Horses
Address: 57101 Jolon Rd. King City, CA 93930
Time: 8 am - to end
Price: $450 (includes horse pen for Friday/Saturday night and lunch both days)
Riders: 18 Max
Watch & Learn: $50 for both days

Host: Dreux Clark
Cell: (831)682-3009
Ranch: (831)386-0107

Horses: Paddocks and a couple stalls will be available for your horse Friday and Saturday night. You are welcome to set up your own pen if you would like. If you need a pen through the following weekend for the WCBRA Finals please let me know. 

About Molly Powell:
-My love for barrel racing, people, and horses has inspired me to teach the secrets to my success! At my clinics, it is my goal to teach students three things about barrel racing: How horsemanship directly affects your success; How to develop a winning practice routine for you and your horse; and How to stay on the track to success!

Throughout the clinic, I will show students and their horses the steps to follow and achieve quick, snappy turns and make their runs more consistent. I teach the horsemanship traditions that I use everyday on the horses that I ride and compete on! Horsemanship is not something that you learn overnight! I feel like I am always learning and studying horsemanship, and I probably will forever!! I have had some great teachers, from my family, to my idols, to my great horses...

Let me tell you a little about where I come from! I was born in Pincher Creek, AB, and then moved to Montana when I was 5. My parents, Chuck and Julie Swanson competed in rodeo as saddle bronc rider and barrel racer. My dad competed several times at the NFR, and then worked on ranches riding and breaking horses. My mom was a Reserve Canadian Champ. Barrel Racer, as well as a jockey. She worked on ranches breaking horses and training barrel horses as well. My grand father was a rancher and jockey using his gentle horsemanship to handle his high-spirited thoroughbreds and use them for ranch horses.

My parents instilled an intense competitive streak in me (mixed with a little stubbornness!) and taught me the traditions of the horsemanship that has run in our family for generations! Along with this knowledge, I have strived to learn all that I can from many different horsemen (and women). Some of my idols have been: Charmayne James- for her admirable positive attitude and horsemanship that carried her to many world titles; Jerry Diaz (the Mexican Charro) - for his amazing horsemanship; and Clint Johnson- for his great competitive strength and class as a champion.

Horses have probably taught me the most, and I have been very lucky to sit on some great ones! My most precious horses have been: my very first pony Brownie (a Welch/Quarter Horse); Blackie (my first 'big' horse); Speedy (the first horse that I trained); Pecan (Brownie's baby girl- 3 NFR's $200,000); Bullet (Brownie's baby boy- died before his 1st NFR); Quaker (the first trained horse that I bought-3NFR's $200,000... died in 2002); Shadow (Blackie's baby boy- 2 NFR's $200,000); Firewater Kat (NFR- $150,000 earnings, CFR multiple round winner); Wittle (Calgary Stampede finalist, $150,000 earnings); and now Missy (2012- $55,000).

I have also had the privilege of borrowing some great horses to win championships such as JD owned by Sue Smith (Olympic Gold Medal in 2002 Olympic Command Performance Rodeo), Slider owned by Shali Lord (2004 National Finals Rodeo Average), and Princess owned by Chani Payne (helped to win National Finals Rodeo Res. Average).

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