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Equi-No Bleed

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Bleeding Aid 

Equi-No Bleed is our premium lung bleeding powdered herbal formula. Equi- No Bleed is different from most other formulas because it is formulated specific for horses and the lung bleeding issues they face. It is specifically designed to stop bleeding of the lungs while also keeping elasticity and performance of the lung condition. When used as a daily supplement it will prevent lung bleeding by generating better circulation and strengthening the lung tissue. This dual use formula gives you the option to use daily when required or simply ‘as needed’. The formula utilizes Notoginseng or San Qi, as the chief herb in the formula. Notoginseng is well known and highly prized for its ability to stop bleeding. Not only do we buy and import top quality Notoginseng that is inspected in full herb form before grinding, but the rest of the herbs compliment this ability and also direct this formula to the lung area. No expense is spared at bringing you best formulas for your horse.

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