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1" 30x30 Red Croc Best Ever Pad OG Fleesar

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Best Ever Pad OG Fleesar 

Size: 30x30
Thickness: 1"
Wool: OG 
Wear Leathers: Red Croc
Stitching: Black

The OG Collection

The OG Collection has been the core of Best Ever Pads since 2002. This top-quality 100% needle punched wool is 112 ounces per square yard, making this pad firm, durable and extremely breathable. It is dark gray in color and is available in 1″ or 3/4″ thickness.

The Fleesar Series

The Fleesar adds a fleece lining to create an especially soft feel for added comfort, with more shock absorption, and even better moisture-wicking ability. The Fleesar is a great option if your current pad is rubbing your horse, or if your horse has thin or sensitive skin. It is dark gray in color, and is fully customizable.


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